A Journey of Healing and Redemption
About Face Synopsis

Get Involved, Take Action

The inspiring story told in About Face is a great tool for students to explore a myriad of social and educational issues around mental health and its stigma in our culture. One of the ways in which you can take action and help spread the word about mental health reform is through simple education. AffinityFilms encourages you to download our Educational Guide for About Face and use it in your school or educational forum.

This guide is intended to accompany the documentary and is appropriate for use at festivals, courses, lectures, conferences and screenings. The material is intended for college-level or mature secondary-level students in the areas of psychology, sociology, social work, nursing, criminology and education, as well as professionals in the community mental health field.

Topics touched on in the Educational Guide include:

  • Insight into issues of childhood trauma, physical impairment and disfigurement, parental abandonment and peer rejection on human development
  • An opportunity to analyze sociological factors that contribute to mental health crises and barriers to treatment accessibility
  • Issues of substance abuse, post-partum psychosis and family culture
  • Raising awareness regarding the need for child abuse prevention programs and community mental health services
  • Reducing the stigma of mental health issues within communities

Download Educational Guide (printable PDF)

As About Face gains wider distribution, we encourage you to check back for updates on how other organizations have used our Educational Guide and helped take action to create social change. We’d also appreciate your feedback on how you used this Educational Guide in your own community.