A Journey of Healing and Redemption
About Face Synopsis

Many Hearts And Gifts, One Mission

Filmmaking is a collaborative art. This film was made with over five years of dedicated, heartful effort on the part of our volunteer staff and crew. We are so grateful to every one of the equally important and utterly talented players who participated in making this film, whether they were with us for the long haul or simply dropped in to help out with a crucial section of editing or an important phase of funding.

Creative spirit and selfless dedication is what drives Affinityfilms, Inc. and we thank the following people for
their ‘heart work’ on About Face:

Produced and Directed by:
Mary Rosanne Katzke

Edited by:
Keiko Deguchi

Director of Photography:
Nara Garber

Original Music by:
Joel Goodman

Associate Producer:
Deborah Schildt

Additional Editing:
Francoise Dumoulin
Pat Donnelly

Additional Photography:
Deborah Schildt
Kevin Kurka
Mary Katzke
Pat Donnelly
Paul Lawrence
Tom Pillifant

Additional Music:
Gwendellin Bradshaw

Location Sound:
Hannah Rosenzweig

Chris Scarafile
Paul Lawrence

Production Assistants/ Drivers:
Aliza Sherman
Andrew Lebov
Greta Artman
Martha Enslow
Renato Velarde

Ashley Sitkin
Caroline Devereaux

Victory Studios

Executive Produced by:
Chicken and Egg Pictures
The Fledgling Fund
With Additional Support from:
A&E Indie Films Completion Grant
Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Alaska State Council on the Arts
Dona Hill
Kevin Clark
Rasmuson Foundation Film Fellowship Program
The Rose Family
The Carr Foundation

Special Thanks to:
Judith Helfand, Mentor
Julie Parker Benello and Wendy Ettinger of Chicken and Egg Pictures
Sheila Leddy and Dianna Barrett of The Fledgling Fund
Deb Ward, School Psychologist
Anonymous Detectives
Emmett Glover
The Affinityfilms Board of Directors

Thanks also to:
Rasmuson Foundation for Film Equipment Grant
Francine Lastufka Taylor
Joseph Bradshaw
Ron and Dinah Clark
Alyeska Tram
Phoenix Society/ World Burn Conference
Kate Williamson (Little girl enactments)
Martha Beckwith
Nancy Shaw
Mary Doppelfeld
Sandra Ruch, Independent Documentary Association
Molly Thompson, A&E Indie Films
Sue Hansen
McHenry Detective Agency
Greta Artman
Lee Joseph