A Journey of Healing and Redemption
About Face Synopsis

The Devoted Team Behind The Film

The following people constituted our core crew on About Face and truly made this documentary effort possible with their fearless devotion to the cause, their stunning skills and talents and their compassionate willingness to follow Gwen around the country on what could easily have turned out to be a wild goose chase. They are true artists.

Nara Garber


Nara Garber is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker with an MFA from Columbia University. Her camera credits include: Jihad! (a Palestinian-American feature film), After Roberto (a feature shot in Northern Italy), Allergic to Nuts (a short comedy with an African-American lead) and Mimmo and Paulie (a short film about homophobia). She has also worked on documentaries including segments for NOW with Bill Moyers, recently completed work on Black Sorority Project: the Exodus (an hour-long documentary about the creation of Delta Sigma Theta, the first socially progressive Black sorority) and Vintage (a film about vintage baseball leagues). In addition, she has filmed promotional videos for the Peter J. Sharp Foundation and The Point Foundation.

Joel Goodman

Collaborating Director, Original Music/Composer

Acclaimed by The Hollywood Reporter as an “Indie Composer to Watch,” Joel Goodman is a multi-talented, award-winning composer. A native New Yorker, Joel’s musical background started at the famed High School of Music and Art. Having spent many years as a studio musician/performer and working with legendary musicians (including Cab Calloway and Ralph Towner), Joel transitioned into focusing his musical acumen on scoring. Joel has composed and produced original scores for over 40 feature films and documentaries and countless television productions. For a full list of his credits, visit his web site at: www.joelgoodman.com/bio_credits.html.

Keiko Deguchi

Collaborating Director, Editor

A native of Japan, Keiko Deguchi came to the US to study cinema at New York University. In her 20 years of working in editing, she has edited over 20 films, both narrative and documentary. Her documentary film editing credits include In A Dream, The Cats of Mirikitani, The Last Conquistador, Beyond Brown, Ganges: River to Heaven. Her narrative film editing credits include The Business of Strangers, The Real Blonde, The Boynton Beach Club, Luminous Motion and Fur-An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus.